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Mathias Fynbo

Game Developer

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About Me

I am game developer with specialization in game & level design. My work has primarily been in the Unity engine, where i have worked on many different projects, which can be seen under the 'Games' tab. I am competent in C#, but have also dabbled in Javascript and C++.
I have recently graduated with a masters degree in medialogy and am now looking to pursue my passion of game development.
I have excellent communication skills and am accustomed to working in both small and large teams. I am fluent in English and Danish, both written and oral. I enjoy working in an environment with an evolving creative process, where both criticism and praise are appreciated equally in aspiration towards the best possible product.

My Skills

Game Design
Level Design


Cand.Scient - Medialogy

Aalborg University Copenhagen
2012 - 2017

Medialogists primarily work with:
• Designing and programming for example computer games, interactive systems and similar media products.
• Evaluating complex media systems on the basis of tests as well as evaluating technology in relation to user-oriented aspects.

DADIU Programme - QA & UR Manager

The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment

Completed the DADIU programme as a Quality Assurance and User Research Manager for two teams, working with:
• Management of small teams of researches and bug testers.
• Bug report systems, user research methods, and interteam communication.

Work Experience

User Research Assistant

IO Interactive

Assistance with various user research tasks, including:
• Data analysis from large scale surveys.
• Writing user research reports.

IT Support

Aalborg University Copenhagen
2015 - 2017

Assistance for both students and faculty with IT related issues, ranging from Wi-Fi connectivity problems to assistance in use of various software.

Web Content Manager

Filofax Denmark
2014 - 2015

In charge of maintaining the danish storefront of the Filofax webshop. Tasks included:
• Product database management and translation from english to danish.
• Creating promotion and newsletters, as well as all customer relations.

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  • Spaced Out!
  • The Worst Knight
  • Orc Summoners
  • Attachment

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